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la feuille d'olivier


Films didactiques

1. Français

Le toucher du maître (00:18:26)

2. English

Act for Themselves (00:18:35)

Are You Listening (00:19:50)

Best of Homefront 02 (00:20:52)

By Their Fruits (00:25:36)

Can You Imagine (00:11:57)

Christmas Snows Christmas Winds (00:27:32)

Decisions, Decisions… (00:28:26)

Dream Big (00:10:05)

Feed My Sheep (00:30:42)

Firm in the Faith of Christ (00:21:21)

Follow Me (00:25:23)

For a Wise Purpose (00:11:11)

For Time or Eternity (00:26:45)

God Has Delivered Me (00:16:22)

Light and Truth (Part A, 00:06:35)

Light and Truth (Part B, 00:06:49)

Measure of a Man (00:22:02)

Mirror, Mirror: You and Your Self Image (00:21:44)

My Brothers Keeper (00:32:47)

Of Heaven and Home (00:30:09)

Plan of Salvation (00:10:35)

Preparation For Marriage (00:21:16)

Pride (00:09:25)

Required to Forgive (00:07:29)

Run Dick Run Jane (00:20:31)

Seek the Lord (00:09:55)

Spiritual Crocodiles (00:08:14)

The Church Sports Official (00:13:29)

The Just Shall Live by Faith (00:12:21)

The Mediator (00:10:39)

The Olive Tree Allegory (00:13:49)

The Powers of Heaven (00:09:12)

The Pride Cycle (00:14:47)

The Prodigal Son (00:30:39)

The Pump (00:08:15)

The Touch of the Master's Hand (00:11:46)

The Worth of Souls (00:25:35)

This is the Spirit of Revelation (00:09:38)

Together Forever (00:29:31)